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Engineer and fervently researcher...

portrait d'Anne-Marie JollyNative to North France, I arrived in Orleans in September 2008 as Dean of Polytech'Orléans.
Polytech'Orléans is the engineering graduate school of University of Orléans. I have been retired professor (Professeur Emérite)of Laboratory PRISME since March 2012. Thus I can carry on researches on data fusion for smart buildings and multicriteria decision making for ecoconception. Moreover, as Advisor of the Dean of Polytech'Orléans for external relations, I am particularly involved in international engineering education questions, from Paris to Beijing, and Vienna to Sao Paulo. Being dual skilled in top research and in the management of engineering graduate schools,however, comes step-by-step...     

Engineer and researcher : from Process Control to Smart Building

Polytech'Lille In 1974, I was diplomed Engineer from Polytech'Lille (formerly named "EUDIL"), a French broad-based Grande Ecole, with speciality in "Informatique, Mesures et Automatique" (Computer Science - Systems and Control Engineering).
Then, I decided to consolidate this training in order to become a Control Engineering's expert : so in 1975, I was enrolled in a Master's degree in Production System Modeling and in 1986, I did a PhD in Process Control (University Lille1) on biomedical signal treatment (electronencephalogram).
At the same time, I joined the Polytech'Lille's teaching and managing team. There, I was a teacher in process control, I also took part in the setting up of 'Microprocessors and Industrial Logic' learning laboratories and 'Professional Support' unit. I was also in charge of several electives and professional trainings.

Lille1 Afterwards, being dual skilled in education and research enabled me to be promoted as Associate Professor in Process Control at Universite Lille 1. I stayed there from 1988 to 1999.
I was also Dean of studies for bachelors and Master degree students in Electronics -they were about 750. I was President of the Commission for the Validation of Professional Experience of University Lille 1 -some 1000 cases per year. Lastly, I was Director of a team of research on Data Fusion (I3D Laboratory) and Multicriteria Analysis.    

ENSAIT Then, from 1999 to 2008, I was appointed as Full Professor in Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles (ENSAIT, EPSCSP in Roubaix). I had there different tasks, namely entreprises relations Director; Dean of studies (setting up of options 'logistics' and 'information design'); Research in Logistics and Process Control Director -GEMTEX UPRES EA 2461-; Communication Director : I was particularly in charge of the Establishment Project
and I led the restoration of ENSAIT's artworks; and Vice Dean of ENSAIT. Within the framework of that position, I was responsible of the strategy for several international double diploma and I took part in the setting up of a french engineering graduate school (UESTP), in Karachi.

In the same time, I acquired a solid experience in criteria for premium engineer trainings, in France and abroad : as a Head of project in CDEFI (Conférence statutaire des Directeurs des Ecoles Françaises d'Ingénieurs à Paris), I designed and realized a quality referential for French schools of engineering ; then, from 2007 to 2008, I was responsible for external communication and quality process in the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs CTI , and specially I wrote the Eurace file for ENAEE.

Polytech'Orléans Last, in  2008, I was Dean of Polytech'Orléans, a French engineering gradutate school in Orléans : there are 1000 students and 250 graduates per year. Among other projects, I set up a shake-up of the
training/skills offer ; the setting up of an integration training for foreign students  ; the development of entreprises and graduate schools' partnerships, in France (ISAT, IFPSchool) and abroad (Oujda, Istanbul, Sao Paulo, Genova, Montreal, Colombia, Budapest, Prague) ; the development of junior and senior high schools' partnerships; the setting up of the Smart Building training, the  Sensors and Geoscience  Master, the Societal and Innovative Entrepreneurship Master, and the 'Automotive Engineering for Sustainable Mobility' International Master Degree.   

Over the course of these last years, I have particularly put a lot of myself into the 'Smart Building' Polytech'Orléans unit. This new training, accredited by the CTI in March 2011, fits with the skills of the Prisme Laboratory's Teaching and Research Professors. They were already involved in 'Green Building' and 'Electronics-Optics Environmental Technologies'. As designer of groundbreaking building materials, 'Smart Builing' training meets entreprises needs. That's why I have decided to undertake some research in this field. Furthermore, I am still involved in higher education as member of several French and International organizations :

Being an active participant in French and International Engineering Education organizations and conventions is a way for me to maintain expertness in the setting up of premium Engineering Trainings and their international accreditation.

  ANR European Commission OAQ  

My associative involvements

I am a woman of action and I think that it is essential to taking part in civil society and so giving my energy. So, I have decided to invest time in two associations, whose ideas and actions are close to my heart :  Femmes Ingénieurs and EPWS, Voy'elles and Ingénieurs et Scientifiques du Loiret (ISL).

epws I have been a member of the AC of Femmes Ingénieurs since February. I work as representative of the French Centre Region.  As such, I am also a member of the European Platform of Women Scientists in Brussels. These associations encourage the youth of today, especially girls, to embrace studies in Engineering.
Voy'elles I am also one of the founder members of the French association Voy'elles. It gathers about twenty women from varied backgrounds, which include corporate managers, public sector responsibles, elected representatives. It aims at 'promoting and backing women in Entrepreneurship, using social pressure'.
  I have become President of the association 'Ingénieurs et Scientifiques du Loiret (ISL)' since the end of 2011. ISL is a county representative of the French association 'French Engineers and Scientists', which gathers engineers and scientists together and promotes their position in society.