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Eng Bleu :  strategy consultant in Engineering Trainings and Research

My long experience in Systems Control Education and further Research in PRISME laboratory in Orleans University account for my ability to grasp the 'Entreprise-Research-Education' triangle. Indeed, 'Higher Education Quality' should not only include standards knowledge but also a global 'input-output' view  :

  • analysis and forecast of entreprises needs,
  • attractiveness of targeted students,
  • Education adaptation for new audiences,
  • experience learnings,
  • market access' analysis and curricula vitae's improvement loopback
The setting up of textile and smart building industries' apprenticeship trainings, in varied size and statute organizations, is one of the facets of this activity that requires to recognize and seize opportunities. 
incitative to innovative Entrepreneurship via project assignement or laboratory work is another facet. 

An international Engineering Education background

'Eng Bleu' name makes reference to my European and Worldwide engineering view  (Sustainable ENGineering). I have exercised this knowledge over my services in innovation teaching methods, recognition standards, quality Higher Education process and curricula vitae development, via Engineering conventions : SEFI, AUF Beyrouth, Deans Conference  and also via seminars and Working Groups : Techno TN, Task Force Sustainability in Engineering de la SEFI, ENQA's Internal Quality Group.

My international standards' knowledge -European Standards and Guidelines, Learning Outcomes /démarche compétences, Eurace- has developed through my International Expert assigments : secretary of the evaluation committee of CTI by NVAO for ENQA admission, design and realisation of a quality referential for French schools of engineering, expert for OAQ, ENAEE, European Commission / Research and Innovation and EC/Education and Training, and for AERES/ Department for the evaluation of institutions.

You may also benefit from my recognized experience as a Higher Education Dean in varied sized institutions. I was thus able to master reference standards and implement the
CDEFI's quality referential for French schools of Engineering and also to take part in the setting up of the CTI's Self-evaluation Guideline in 2007.  

Furthermore, I carried out strategic assigments to set up Engineering Trainings,  with regard to the entreprise background in diverse fields and countries : Morocco/Casablanca (Industrial Logic), Pakistan/Karachi (Textile Industry) and in France :

  • Entrepreneurship trainings,
  • E-commerce trainings,
  • Smart Building trainings,
  • Process Control trainings.

Last, as advances in engineering are not possible in an isolated way, the development of double diploma partnerships in a brand/sector/synergy strategy is also one of my skills in transdisciplinary and multicultural situations. 

Possible services ... among many others

  • Backing up of new engineering trainings and partnerships : from study to set-up;
  • Expertness for existing engineering trainings for continuous improvement with regards to Nationwide/Worldwide standards;
  • Supporting the implementation of higher education institutions or the seizing of research themes;
  • Supporting  education/structural change,...

aide à la conduite de projets d'établissements, aide au changement pédagogique ou structurel,...

Photo Credit : Mrs Brooke LHERNOULD